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The path of the inner warrior.
"The night has ears"

To embark on this journey is to plunge into the depths and duality of the desert.

Our team is made up of professionals in environmental education and interpretation as well as nature conservation. They are experienced professionals who have turned their passion into their job.

We are driven by the ambition to position the nature and culture of our region as what they are: tourism resources of the highest level.

Taking care of those resources is a must to do not only for the value they have themselves but also for the way they can enrich the experience of travelers who are willing to enjoy an excellent weather in a unique enviroment.


In order to lead others effectively,a leader must have self-awareness. So what is self-awareness? In this lifelong process, the first question to be answered is, “Who am I?” This is a question that many people rarely ask themselves.

An integral feature of self-awareness is to own a healthy perspective not only of oneself but also of others. To achieve this, it is important to reflect on our day-to-day life, on our behavior, to ensure alignment with our core values. Learn to lead at another level on a personal, social and organizational facet. Becoming a humanistic leader is essential to achieve sustainability and growth at all levels. We will introduce you to your best version, the one that hides in the trenches of the genesis of the world. Are you ready for a new beginning?

The experience will conclude with a Certificate of Achievement.


Travel with big names: Alex Kroll and Bisila Bococo.

Alex Kroll

A master of third eye meditation, specialist in mindfulness,

Sexology and couples therapy.

Kroll’s renowned practice has provided invaluable tools and solutions to hundreds of people seeking spiritual clarity. Alex’s therapeutic approach integrates body, mind and spirit, the human spectrum as a whole.

Leading with an abundance of compassion, Alex draws on his personal experience of 20 years of battling and then healing psychosomatic illness, awakening and transforming the human psyche as well as behavioral patterns. Quite an awakening.

Bisila Bokoko

Award-winning Hispanic American business professional, entrepreneur, international speaker, and philanthropist. She was Executive Director of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the U.S. before launching BBES, her business development agency, in 2005. She has been hailed as one of the most influential women in America for decades. She now focuses her efforts on high-impact social initiatives.

Bisila leads from the heart and has always been in the business of doing good. She is an advocate for personal growth, mindfulness in business, and a trusted mentor, as well as a motivational speaker for individuals and Fortune 500 companies.

Bisila is a proud ambassador for The Masai Eco Lodge (ADCAM PROJECT).


Program activities

❖ Guided safari by Maasai warriors showing us.

❖ About animals and medicinal plants of the area.

❖ Walk meditation from the camp to the Savannah to see the sunrise.

❖ Cocktail in the Savannah at the sundown.

❖ Night of Maasai dance around the fire.

❖ Visit to the Manyatta, which is a Maasai village + mass Massai.

❖ Night camping next to the Mara River, watching the hipos and breakfast on the bankis of the river.

❖ Visit to the school and the cooperative of women artisans of the town of ADCAM.

❖ Visit to rhinoceros (protected animal with 24h surveillance).

❖ Full day Guided safari in Lemek + lunch in the middle of the Savannah.

❖ Meditation and Personal growth sessions with Alex and Bisila.

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    Opinions of our travelers

    Travelers tell you first hand

    Being a warrior is not learning to defend yourself from others, it is learning to know yourself.”

    Bisila Bokoko

    Nueva York


    “Una de las experiencias más impresionantes de mi vida. La mezcla entre la naturaleza más salvaje y el contacto con uno mismo fue brutal. conocer África de la manera más auténtica posible. ¡¡Volveré!”

    Javier Jiménez