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Enjoy a trip tailor-made to your emotions

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We have not only created  incredible experiences with different themes for you,

but also made them fully customizable, so you can design them as you want,

creating what we know will be one of the best trips of your life.

Each these experiences will bring you the joy of enjoying unique corners of

the planet where you can find your own adventure, knowing that in any of them

you will fulfill your senses, experiencing heartfelt, charitable tourism, bringing

happiness to all.

Inner Warrior Journey

There is a Massai proverb that ilustrates the meaning of this trip “Being a warrior is not about learning to defend yourself against others, it is more about knowing yourself.”

To embark on this journey is to immerse yourself in the depths and duality of the desert  and the calm of the Maasai Mara.Using the Maasai instinct as a compass. 

Taking long walks will become a sacred experience as you reconnect with aspects of your life that you may have forgotten, facets of yourself that you were not aware of.

Through meditation and in brotherhood with the overwhelming and wild nature of the savannah, you will be immersed in its essential life attributes: resilience, grace, patience, courage, serenity and vulnerability. 

The  Inner Warrior’s Journey is the destination.


The Nomads program began to take shape in May 2020 and in September 2021 the first group of Nomads toured the Maasai Mara accompanied by exceptional guides, such as William Kikanae Ole Pere, Rosa Escandell and Fran Lucha. Going by his hand, visiting every corner of the savannah has been incredible, since through his eyes we have been able to experience the authentic Maasai Mara.

A group of adventurous Nomads, with an inexhaustible curiosity to learn about the natural environment and local traditions, with their faces of emotion and their laughter made this vacation through Kenyan lands unforgettable.

Burnt into our retinas and hearts, this trip to Kenya with each step taken in the savannah, each sunset lived there, each species of animal seen, each night in the fire, with the kindness of the warriors and with the laughter of children, this experience will always be in our memory and in our lives. 

This 2024 will be the fourth edition of Nomada. What are you waiting for?

A Trip to the Stars

The basic objective of this experience is to acquire tools and exercises that help you take the great leap of understanding and overcoming fears, define your objectives and your life purpose to make decisions, reveal your potential and get started towards what you really want to achieve. .

The idea is that you leave with a defined action plan. Define the habits and behaviors that you want to modify and incorporate. Learn to better control your emotions and recover the optimal and most productive state of mind.

This trip is oriented to connect with the most ancestral knowledge and the ancient self-knowledge formulas, so that you learn more about yourself, becoming aware of what those conditionings and behaviors may be that make your life difficult, in order to be able to modify and develop them, in this way. shape, your best potential.
On the other hand, it is aimed at improving your personal and interpersonal skills, so that you learn to communicate and relate in a more appropriate and rewarding way, to start living your dreams and to love your life.

It will be a magical week of learning and adventure, connecting with the sky and the stars from this very special place, and discovering their importance in your life, because you are also connected with them.

A very intimate and renewing experience to deepen your self-knowledge and your connection with the stars. Reserved only for a maximum of 16 women.
Thanks to the wonderful professionals who will accompany you, together with the Masai team in Kenya, we will make it such an unforgettable experience that you want to repeat every year.

See Africa through Yoga

Are you a yoga lover? Do you practice mindfulness? Do you already know the potential of “full attention”?

Take your level of meditation to another dimension. Practice mindfulness in the place where it all began and do it surrounded by the magic of the Maasai community, its instructive way of living in the present.

Enjoy a privileged environment: the wild, mythical nature of the Maasai Mara, where we will go on safaris to experience nature in its most primitive state up close, accompanied by our experienced Masai guides, open to what the African fauna wants to give us at all times. : elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos…

A unique environment that will give us the chance to calm our mind, release tension like never before, disconnect in an extreme way and inhabit our body more fully, to reconnect with our interior and, from there, recover a deeper connection with nature.