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A journey that will remain recorded in your retina and heart

Tourism with roots and wings


Oxytours is a tourist services company located in Alicante that develops its activity mainly on the Costa Blanca, although we also offer experiences in other neighboring regions such as Castilla la Mancha and Andalusia.

Our team is made up of professionals in environmental education and interpretation and nature conservation.

Experimented professionals who have turned their passion into their job.

We are moved by the ambition to position our region nature and culture for what they are: first-rate tourist resources, resources that we must undoubtedly take care of for the value they have in themselves and for what they can enrich the experience of travelers want to enjoy an enviable climate in a unique environment.


The ornithological trip of your life

“Birds are a miracle because they show us that there is a finer and simpler state of being that we can strive to achieve.”

Douglas Coupland

Of the nearly 600 bird species registered in the Maasai Mara, more than 50 are also present in Spanish lands. Some of these species travel an incredible journey of nearly 20,000 km, facing unimaginable challenges with each flapping. It is the migration magical phenomenon.


Flying warriors that are united with the nomadic feeling of the Masai, where both will make heroic movements with the sole objective of surviving, enjoying every moment, pursuing their desires, connecting with their dreams.


Trip with proper names; Two unique guides

Both the Masai warrior and leader William Kikanae and the ornithology expert Fran Lucha have a long history of sharing their knowledge in the environment they are most passionate about: nature.

Away from the usual tourist circuits, environment respect, both will show us the territory environmental and cultural values. A unique interpretation, capable of making you understand the territory and what surrounds it in a very special way, making you feel more part of nature than ever.

This trip is not only a unique opportunity to learn about the birds migratory movements, the diversity of habitats that surround the area. This trip will give you a dazzling new perspective on nature in general and the  birds world in particular.

Some of the species that we will see during our trip

❖ Ostrich ❖ Black-headed Heron ❖ Hammerhead ❖ African Jabiru ❖ Marabou ❖ African Woodlot. ❖ Sacred Ibis ❖ Fairy Ibis ❖ African Spoonbill ❖ Spotted or Ruppell’s Vulture ❖ Flocking Eagle ❖ Long-crested Eagle ❖ Martial Eagle ❖ Blue Kite ❖ Common Guinea Pig ❖ Grey-necked Crowned Crane ❖ African Jacana ❖ Marsh Lapwing ❖ Spiny Lapwing ❖ Crowned Lapwing ❖ Senegalese Lapwing ❖ Tri-collared Plover ❖ African Owl ❖ Moorish Swift ❖ Pied Kingfisher ❖ Senegalese Hawk ❖ Montane Bee-eater ❖ Lilac Roller ❖ Long-tailed Swallow ❖ Abyssine Swallow ❖ Southern Fiscal Shrike ❖ Long-tailed Shrike ❖ Scarlet-breasted Suimanga ❖ Red-headed Bluebird ❖ Hildebrant’s Starling ❖ Superb Starling ❖ Red-billed Oxpecker .


a salvage of

  1. 1. Safaris in Lemek conservation area (Masai Mara).
    2. Safari in the National Reserve to see the crossing of the Wildebeest in the Mara
    3. Full day safari with lunch in the savannah and sunset.
    4. Authentic Masai Mass.
    5. Visit the Manyatta (Masai village).
    6. Night camping in the Mara River to see the hippos come out.
    7. Visit to the Rhinos conservation project.
    8. Ascent to Kilelewouni to see the sunrise accompanied by the warriors.
    9. Visit to the wetlands of the Sabana.
    10. Visit to the Women's Project and the school.
    Nights of fire with Masai dances


A very diverse tour with unique animals and nature

  1. Sawa Mara Eco Lodge
  2. Manyatta Crafts
  3. Hippos output
  4. Cheeta and Elephants Zone
  5. Church mass
  6. Musiara Gate National Reserve

7. Wildebeest Crossing Zone
8. Wetland along the Mara River
9. The Carnivore Restaurant

10. Jomo Kenyatta International Airport
11. Rhino Sanctuary
12. Kilelewuani Mountain
13. Acacia Safari Walking (last day)
14. Sunset Fire (last day)


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    Opinions of our travelers

    The nomads tell you first hand


    “Our first trip to Africa, millions of surprises and emotions, unique experiences. We never imagined that they would take care of us so much. We will never forget it, we recommend it to everyone.”

    Marta y Alfredo



    “We decided to travel as a family to get to know the culture by supporting a social project. As a parent I recommend it to all families who want to live a different trip.”

    Familia Galloso