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See Africa through Yoga

Take your level of meditation to another dimension.

Do you practice Mindfulness?

Are you a yoga lover? Do you practice mindfulness? Do you already know the potential of “full attention”?

Take your level of meditation to another dimension. Practice mindfulness in the place where it all began and do it surrounded by the magic of the Masai community, their instructive way of living in the present.


A unique environment

Enjoy a privileged environment: the wild, mythical nature of the Maasai Mara, where we will go on safaris to experience nature in its most primitive state up close, accompanied by our experienced Masai guides, open to what the African fauna wants to give us at all times. : elephants, lions, leopards, buffaloes, hippos…

A unique environment that will give us the chance to calm our mind, release tension like never before, disconnect in an extreme way and inhabit our body more fully, to reconnect with our interior and, from there, recover a deeper connection with nature.


Trips with proper names

In this adventure, you will have the opportunity to meet Bisila Bokoko and Fermín Suarez.

Bisila is a Hispanic American businesswoman, entrepreneur, international speaker, and philanthropist.

Before launching BBES, her business development agency, in 2005, she was Executive Director of the US-Spain Chamber of Commerce. For decades, she has been hailed as one of the most influential women in American business while successfully working on social impact initiatives globally.

Bisila leads with her heart and has always been in the business of doing good.

Fermín is the founder and director of the method, and of the Fermin Suárez yoga School Association in Marbella.

Yoga teacher trainer. Yoga teacher or Yoga companion by the Spanish Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance, European yoga federation and Fedefy. Communicator and speaker, for the awakening of consciousness, through the tools offered by yoga and meditation techniques. Writer, and author of the book. Attitude there is always light.

It is worth noting the versatility of the style created by Fermín, who began his career in yoga almost 30 years ago, going through different styles and lineages such as ashtanga yoga, Iyengar, kundalini and Sivananda, creating his own very versatile method, based on the knowledge gathered from the different styles that he made himself, and the contribution of anatomical knowledge and biomechanics applied to conscious movement, so that the practice of yoga is a vehicle for liberation and meditation.


A transformative encounter with the Mara guardians.

❖ An exchange between equals that will change your perspective of the world, and of yourself, forever.

❖ By choosing SAWA MARA you not only choose a transformative journey for yourself, but also for the Community that receives you. Because you are supporting the Masai continue to own their destiny.

❖ We are the first eco-lodge managed by the Masai Community.

❖ We are part of the global movement of community-based eco-tourism, which seeks to offer authentic tourist proposals, that generate wealth in indigenous communities.

❖ We are for those who know that every journey that is appreciated is also an inner journey.

❖ An Eco Lodge that offers all security guarantees, such as 24-hour surveillance, amenities and services with fully equipped rooms, electric light and private bathroom.

❖ The facilities have a restaurant, bar and rest area, souvenir shop.

❖ Our goal is to achieve a magnificent climate of comfort for our visitors.

❖ Located in the middle of a grove, our Camp is next to the school and the Masai manyatta, which allows a unique experience of interaction with the community, the entire project and its impact, knowing that the benefit obtained will revert directly in improving the lives of the Masai.

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    Opinions of our travelers

    Travelers tell you first hand

    María Jose Garcia
    “Una experiencia mágica. Las clases de mindfulness y yoga me han transportado y me han ayudado a sanar. Me voy con mucha paz y muy agradecida”

    María José García


    Esther Castellano

    “Defino esta experiencia como mágica…Kenia ha despertado mis 5 sentidos. Mis oídos han escuchado el silencio de la sabana, mi tacto ha sentido la madre tierra de la naturaleza, he saboreado mis lagrimas al llorar de emoción x todo lo que estaba viviendo intensamente, y he olido la vida que se respiraba en cada rincón. 

    Esther Castellano